Brookfield Book Club


Looking for a fun way to enjoy books and meet new woman? Do you want to learn something new or even a mix of these. Warm Wick is opening up the group to people in the area that will bring in new faces. We would like to create a sense of community for women, promote healthy and fun reading and engage 

We will choose one day every month that will work best for the group. This gives everyone time to get the book and read it or follow along the chapters if you need more time. 

Las Mujeres del Puente
We will consider a few factors when picking a book for our book club, which can include:
  • Topic
  • Length
  • Reading level
  • Price
  • Publication date
  • Availability on different readers (eBooks and audio options)

We will also consider:

Restrictions on publication dates that might hinder our monthly book club meet. If we choose a new release, the book might have a long waiting list at the library. We will be considerate and look up all checkout and purchase options before we settle on a book pick.

What if someone disagrees with the selection?
We can offer another option. We will be considerate of the reading preferences of others, and give everyone a chance to put their book choice in the ring. With websites like Survey Monkey, you can easily make a quick poll, and your book club guests can vote anonymously.

Some book clubs are more social than academic. Las Mujeres del Puente Book Club will be a mix of both. 

Remember that you’re here to talk about something very personal: reading. We want all of our guests to feel welcome and to be comfortable sharing.

Nominate books to read for November 2022