Workshop Policy

  • Workshops are BYOB too. Guests are welcome to bring their own beverages, aside from the (1) glass of wine that is provided.  Glassware can be provided. Food is not permitted in the studio, only appetizers. 
  • Guests, please arrive on time. Guests arriving 10 minutes late or more will need to follow along in the notes rather than have the instructions repeated. 
  • If the minimum number of guests (4) have not registered within 48 hours of the scheduled event, the event will be rescheduled.
  • Refunds are given for cancellations prior to the event. If guests do not cancel prior to the event, their reservations will be refunded at 50% of the fee paid. 
  • Parties conclude at the time listed in the reservation. 
  • Guests assume all risks associated with the candle workshop, including spills of wax and fragrance oil on clothing. Aprons are provided.