Warm Wick Difference

The Products
Carefully designed to look & smell fabulous.
We set out to produce candles of excellence while respecting the natural raw ingredients. Our candles do not have any preservatives, no phthalates or petroleum or artificial dyes. We use recyclable and eco-friendly amber jars. We also trim every wick, design every label, tag, and package all orders by hand. Our priority is to create products that are natural, ambient, serene and minimal using 100% natural soy wax & non-toxic fragrance oils. We use cotton, hemp and wooden wicks. Warm Wick candles are made in the USA.

The Culture
Latino-inspired since 2022.
We realized the home-fragrance industry lacked Latin American depiction. The candle space is not very representative of Latino culture and entrepreneurs. Warm Wick creates luxury candles that helps embrace our soul, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness through Latino culture. Our brand is universal. While our brand is centered around Latino heritage, we hope everyone can embrace our culture and lift up diverse creators.

Dedicated to Sustainability
Dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly solutions in everything we offer, from the materials we source to the packaging we use. 

Each amber jar is made up of 100% recycled glass & can be repurposed for your home or be brought back to our candle boutique for a $1 in-store credit. We TOTALLY re-use our jars!

Warm Wick will always disclose our scent ingredients. All of our fragrances are phthalate-free and we use premium fragrance oils!

Warm Wick uses 100% Natural Soy Wax derived from soy beans, so you’re not inadvertently getting a paraffin blend. 

Warm Wick uses Organic Hemp Wicks are 100% beeswax coated. Cotton Wicks are 100% Natural Cotton, no lead, zinc or other metals.

We use 100% recycled boxes, shredded paper filler and eco-friendly reinforced kraft wrapping paper. 
    Luxury quality at a reasonable price
    With products ranging from $6 - $50, we believe you should be able to evoke stories through our scents and not cost a fortune.