Warm Wick is a candle company based in Brookfield, IL. It is a luxury aromatherapy brand created and designed with sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients with a mission of sharing Latinx and Chicagoan roots. The company was founded by Mexican-American Chandler, Yezenia Tejeda. Remembering how her mother and father would inspire her emotional comfort and relaxation, she set out out to craft candles based on her homage. Our candles are inspired by Latinx heritage, culture, traditions, food, and nature. Yezenia's journey evolved from her personal experiences and the strength of Latinx gente.

We're so happy you're here.

​The owner pays homage to her Latinx roots by designing a luxury collection of candles. As the company grows, Yezenia keeps it local and prefers to produce high-quality candles in small batches. Warm Wick candles are hand-poured and made with premium fragrance oils blended into natural soy wax. Through her creative expression, testing and minimalist refinement, she sets to produce candles of excellence while respecting the natural raw ingredients.

Warm Wick is the destination for customers to have the most naturally scented candles and to bring inspiration to every person in the world regardless of race or color.