Advantages placing a deposit

Securing a spot at our candle-making parties by placing a deposit offers several advantages for YOU and YOUR guests. Here are some key advantages of placing a deposit at Warm Wick to secure a spot at a candle-making party:

  1. Let Warm Wick guarantee participation: Placing a deposit ensures that guests have a confirmed spot at the candle-making party, as deposits typically indicate a commitment to attend. 

  2. Warm Wick allows reservation priority: Host often receive priority over walk-in guests or last-minute bookings, ensuring that they won't miss out on the opportunity to guests in the event, especially if there is limited space available.

  3. Warm Wick allows a deposit, guests are more likely to attend the candle-making party as they have a financial stake in the event. This can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations, leading to a more organized and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

  4. Let Warm Wick provide financial security for the host. This helps minimize the risk of financial losses if participants cancel unexpectedly.

  5. Warm Wick offers exclusive benefits for the host: We offer exclusive benefits or incentives to hosts who place a deposit, such as early access to charcuterie menu, discounts on future workshops, or special gifts. Hosts could also receive priority in choosing candle scents and pouring during the event.

  6. Warm Wick offers professionalism and organization: Requiring deposits demonstrates professionalism and organization on the part of the host. It instills confidence in guests at our candle parties will be well-planned and executed, enhancing the overall experience.

  7. Customization and Personalization: Knowing the number of confirmed participants through deposits allows the organizer to tailor the experience to the group's size and preferences, ensuring a more personalized and engaging candle-making party.