Reuse Recycle Program

Reduce the waste & save our planet.

At Warm Wick, we are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly packaging. We are minimizing our impact on the environment. We offer an amber jar refill and recycle program to help reduce waste. Simply bring your amber candle jars to our candle boutique and you'll receive a $1 in-store credit or the option to refill them at a discounted price. By participating in our Reuse Recycle Program, you can join Warm Wick in our efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Ways to reduce waste

Request a refill

Refill your own vessel

Already have a vessel you love? Enjoy a new scent with a piece of your own. We're happy to refill or turn your beloved vessel into a Warm Wick candle.  Tell us a little about your vessel, simply send it to us, and we will fill it with the scent of your choice and ship it back to you.

Refill your vessel

$2.50 per (1) ounce of wax

If you're not sure if your vessel will work for a candle, remember most glass, metal, and ceramic vessels are generally acceptable for candle-making. Email us a photo and we'll let you know what we think!

*Please note, not all vessels are suitable for candles.

Recycle your jars


How to clean

Cleaning out your Slow Made amber glass jar is pretty simple, we find this method works really well:

  1. Boil water in a kettle around 215°
  2. On a heat-safe surface, pour the boiling water into a candle jar fill it to the top, and cover it with a lid.
  3. Keep candles in a safe place while they cool.
  4. After the candle has cooled, open the lid. You will find all the wax has formed at the top. Take your fingers or a spoon to push on the wax to break it up. Pull out the chunks of wax and throw them away into the trash (or better yet - save to recycle and make fire starters or a patio candle).
  5. Pour the water through a strainer to catch any debris and wax pieces, and throw in the trash, NOT the sink (unless you enjoy unclogging drains, of course).
  6. Remove wick tabs. The tip of a butter knife works well to loosen them.
  7. Clean out the jar with hot soapy water and wipe it out.
  8. To remove the labels just soak in water to loosen.
  9. Now repurpose, recycle, or bring it back to us to be made into another candle.